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Solar Panel Systems

Capture energy from the sun to power your home and sell excess power back to the grid saving on your energy bills.

Ready for solar panels on your home?

More than 30% of Australian homes now have solar panels installed.

They’re perfect for the family home, helping generate energy to be used around the house. Before long, they’ve actually paid for themselves in savings plus income generated from selling excess power back to the grid.

Over the full lifetime of your solar panel system, you’ll generate long term savings compared to your current energy cost. There is not only a positive return on investment, but also the added environmental benefits of reducing your carbon footprint with renewable energy.

It sounds simple because it really is a win win, and we’d be happy to step you through the cost analysis and pay-back periods to ensure you’re completely satisfied before installing solar panels at your place.

Benefits of a solar panel system for your home

It’s hard to believe that local families have been installing solar panels on their homes for over 20 years now. During that time the technology has improved dramatically and so have the savings you can generate with your own solar panel system.

Sustainable Power

Capture the sun's natural energy and generate your own renewable electricity, to reduce your reliance on the grid.

Very Affordable

We can size a solar panel system to suit your home and energy needs, helping to create the optimal system for you.

Store Excess Power

With a battery ready solar panel system, you can store excess power for use at night or during cloudy periods.

Fast To Install

It doesn't take long and you'll have energy flowing through your solar panels, with teams ready to install your system at short notice.

Smart Monitoring

From a mobile phone app, you'll be able to track your solar energy production & energy usages, so that you're always in control.

Add Value To Your Home

You'll be adding real value to your property value as solar panels have become a big ticket item when selling your home.

About your new Solar Panel System


Solar Panels - JA Solar Panels & PV Products

Over the years, we’ve found the solar panels and PV products from JA Solar to be the ideal combination of top-quality, affordability and reliability.  It goes without saying that most of the solar panels available are made in China.  This is due to their excellent manufacturing techniques with this leading edge technology, which is unrivalled anywhere else.

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Solar Panel Inverters - Fronius & GoodWe

Solar panel inverters transform solar energy into the correct power voltage for use in your home.  They are an essential part of your new solar panel system, also helping to export excess solar energy back into the grid when it’s unneeded and they also help with battery storage of energy from your solar panels.

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More about EGS

For many years now, we’ve been a major advocate for solar panels in Tasmania.

As energy efficiency experts with a focus on heating, solar, hot water and EV chargers, it’s always been our mission to help local families save money on their energy costs whilst still living a comfortable life without having to switch off the lights.

As well as solar panel systems and battery ready solar panels, we also offer energy saving products like heat pump hot water systems and heat pump split systems.

Visit us in store today for more information or help understanding your power bill.

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