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Solar Panel
Servicing & Maintenance

With regular cleaning and maintenance, your solar panels will continue to deliver the best possible outputs and income.

We can service & clean your solar panels

Over the course of the year, your solar panels can get pretty dirty.

This is the most common cause of decreased solar energy production.

It is also possible that other issues can reduce the output of your solar panels. And during the 25+ year life of your solar panels, you might also need the solar panel inverter to be replaced or upgraded (as these have a shorter life cycle).

With a regular clean, inspection and maintenance, we can ensure your solar panels continue to produce the optimum power outputs for use around the home.

This will maximise your long term savings and the energy you sell back into the grid.

Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning & Servicing

Regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance of your solar panels will ensure they continue to deliver the optimum level of energy, so you don’t miss out on extra savings along the way. 

Maximise Energy

Regular cleaning & maintenance will ensure you earn the largest possible savings from your solar panels.

Extends The Life

Proactive servicing & maintenance will ensure we quickly pick up any faults or issues with your solar panels.

Optimal Performance

Keep your solar panels functioning correctly, providing reliable and consistent energy production year-round.

Other Solar Panel Servicing & Maintenance Services

Solar Panel Upgrades & Replacements

It’s hard to believe that solar panels have been installed on local houses for over 20 years now.

We can upgrade and replace your old solar panels to boost energy efficiency, enhance performance, and ensure your system uses the latest technology for maximum savings.

Solar Panels Not Working Correctly

With our solar panel inspection and maintenance services, we can get your solar panels back to peak performance.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your solar panels aren’t working correctly, or there’s a major drop in energy production? We can help get them running properly again.

Solar Panel Inverter Errors

Is your solar panel inverter showing an error code or stopped producing energy?

Our team of experts can inspect, diagnose and fix a wide range of solar panel inverters, or provide a replacement if your current inverter has reached the end of its life.

Solar Panel Inverter Upgrades & Replacements

Many solar panel inverters are now starting to reach the end of their warranty period, becoming due for replacement and upgrade.

We can offer advice on the right solar panel inverter to match your solar panels, including installation and optimisation to get your system running at maximum levels again.

Common Solar Panel Repair & Servicing Issues

These are some of the most common questions we get asked about solar panel cleaning and maintenance, and solar panel inverter errors.

Solar panel issues we can fix

Solar Panel questions we answer

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