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Servicing & Maintenance

Improve air quality and reduce running costs with regular cleaning and servicing of your ducting heating system.

We can service & clean your ducted heating systems

Your ducted air conditioning system needs to be cleaned and serviced each year, to keep it clean and running efficiently.

This is because mould, dust and pollen can build up around the ducts and in the air conditioning system, causing it to run poorly and spread allergens in the air. Most noticeable, your running costs will go up as your ducted heating has to work harder to produce the same temperature. So you might already have noticed that you have to turn the heat up more than ever before to stay warm.

With a regular clean and service, you’ll enjoy warm and clean air with the lowest possible running costs; saving you money in the long run whilst keeping your house comfortable.

Book a heat pump clean and service ready for next winter, or request a quote now.

Benefits of a Ducted Heating System clean & service

Our team will thoroughly inspect, service and clear your ducted heating system, removing dust build up and other debris that can hinder its operation. By addressing minor issues before they become major problems, we help maintain reliable and efficient heating and cooling for your home for years to come.

Cleaner Air

Remove dust, pollens & mould with our fully sanitised air conditioning cleaning process.

Save On Running Costs

A clean air conditioning system uses less energy to produce the same lovely temperatures.

Extends The Life

Regular servicing & maintenance will extend the life of your ducted heating, saving you in the long run.

Ready For Winter

Get ready for winter with a ducted heating system clean & service at the start of each year.

Our ducted heating system servicing & maintenance services

Ducted Heating Warranty Repairs & Replacements in Hobart

As both Daikin and Fujitsu specialist dealers in Hobart, we can look after all of your ducted air conditioning warranty needs, repairs and replacements.

Ducted Heating System Replacements in Hobart

As heating and cooling experts, we can replace your ducted heating system quickly and with the most affordable options available.

Ducted Heating System Repairs in Hobart

We can inspect and repair your ducted heating system, offering advice on servicing, maintenance and repairs to get it working properly again; saving you on replacement costs if possible.

Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing in Hobart

With regular servicing and cleaning, you can extend the life of your ducted air conditioning system and ensure it runs as efficiently as possible; saving you on running costs.

Common issues with ducted air conditioning systems

Below are some of the most common questions we get asked about relating to ducted heating systems and maintenance of ducted air conditioning.

Ducted heating issues we can fix

Ducted heating questions we answer

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