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Reclaim Energy Hot Water Systems

It’s time to upgrade your hot water system & take advantage of massive savings on your future energy bills plus contribute to a sustainable world.

Why choose a Reclaim Energy heat pump hot water system?

A Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System uses leading technology to draw energy in from the ambient atmosphere and transfer it into heat.

Ozone friendly refrigerant (CO2) absorbs the heat, which then flows into a compressor, where it’s converted into a high temperature gas. It then passes through a condenser within the water heat exchanger and the water is heated and then stored in the hot water tank for later use.

No backup booster is required.

Best of all, the energy efficiency rating is higher than any other hot water system available, leading to savings that will pay off the upfront costs in no time.

What we love about Reclaim Energy hot water systems

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System requires much less electricity to heat water when compared to conventional hot water systems.

In fact, the system will save up to 80%* of hot water energy costs, year after year.

This is based on using 1 kW of electric input to generates about 5 kW thermal output.

Massive Power Savings

Hot water makes up a large chunk of our energy bills and especially with the rising cost of living. Unlock significant savings thanks to the most efficient hot water systems available.

Environmentally Friendly

As an environmentally advanced product the Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System is an affordable system that is ranked alongside solar energy in terms of environmental friendliness.

Whisper Quiet

The Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump operates at a whisper quiet level – 37dB, making it the quietest hot water heat pump system on the market.

Learn more about Reclaim Energy CO2 Heat Pump Hot Water System

The system’s heat exchange collects heat from the air surrounding the unit to use as energy to heat up a pressurised refrigerant, which is ozone friendly CO2. The unit can supply in excess of five units of heat energy from ambient air for every unit of electricity it consumes, meaning the cost of energy used to produce hot water is minimised. The CO2 Heat Pump has excellent cold weather performance characteristics, meaning there is no need for a boosting element to supplement heating for the unit.

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