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Portable Gas Heaters

We can provide a wide range of portable gas heaters – from the simple and robust radiator-style heaters, to the super-economical and technologically advanced models.

Why choose Portable Gas Heaters?

Experience the best in both convenience and warmth with our portable gas heaters.

Perfect for any space, these heaters provide instant heat wherever you need it, whether indoors or outdoors. With their compact and lightweight design, you can easily move them from room to room

Safety features ensure peace of mind, while adjustable heat settings let you create the perfect cozy atmosphere. Enjoy efficient, reliable heating without the need for electricity. 

Benefits of a Portable Gas Heater in your home

Stay warm and comfortable with the versatility and ease of our portable gas heaters.

Safe & Convenient

Being able to easily move heaters around the house is always an advantage. You can conveniently move the heater to a cold spot without needing professionals.

Energy Efficient

The advantage of Portable Gas Heaters is that it helps you save gas while still maintaining the heat output. With a very good energy efficiency rating, you'll best bang for your buck.

Low Maintenance Costs

These portable heaters require minimal maintenance (and so lowering running costs) compared to other types of portable heaters.

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