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Panel Heaters

Available in store today, Electric Panel Heaters provide instant heat that’s dust-free and flexible to heat any space at a very affordable price.

Why choose an Electric Panel Heater?

You’ll find a Panel Heater in almost every home in Tasmania.

They’re are an instant solution for heating rooms of all different sizes and perfect for providing overnight warmth during the cold Tassie winter.

They come in all different sizes and can be discreetly mounted on the wall or moved around on built in wheels.

Best of all they are silent and low allergenic, as they can radiate heat without blowing the air.

Benefits of a Panel Heater in your home

We offer a range of Electric Panel Heaters that are sleek and subtle when installed in your home.  They’re also silent which means they’ll heat your space without any noise or disruption to your sleep.

Instant Heat

Panel Heaters provide instant heat and quickly warms up the room, including thermostat controls for maintaining your ideal comfort level.

Very Affordable

With a range of different bands and sizes available, Panel Heaters are the lowest cost heating option we provide making them great for a small budget.

Available Today

Due to their popularity, we always have panel heaters available in store. If you need heating as soon as possible, get in contact with us today.

Our best selling Panel Heater brands


Stiebel Eltron

One of the main reasons that convection electric panel heaters are so popular amongst Australian households is that they’re fairly unobtrusive – they’re mounted flush with the wall, so when they’re not in use, they will effectively blend into the background. As they don’t use a fan to spread the heat, they are completely silent, and in addition, you’ll find that they’re the ideal choice for asthma and other allergy sufferers – they’ll be able to breathe easy without fear of inhaling dust, pollens and other allergens.

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Nobo heating solutions are designed to be discreet, the sleek Scandinavian design blends into any style space, with the addition of the Energy Control System enabling the house heating to be a simple setup. The technology platform sets the standard for electrical heating, with innovative timer controls, temperature sliders and pre-set timings all helping to reduce electricity bills. As Renewable energy grows in importance and the world moves more to electric, the Nobo panels are a smart and energy efficient choice.

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European-designed electric Noirot Panels Heater use a patented Monobloc element to circulate heat gently, efficiently, and silently throughout double bedrooms, ensuites, bathrooms, or home offices. Using the natural process of convection, Noirot heaters provides even heat with a gentle upward movement of hot air to warm you up in comfort without feeling overheated, while the built-in precision thermostat maintains your desired temperature.

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Not sure if a panel heater is right for your home?

We offer a complete range of heating solutions including ducted heating and heat pumps, plus we can help you with our wider range of energy efficient products.

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