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Inverter Upgrades & Replacements

As many solar panel systems have been in place for 10+ years, it can be time for an inverter upgrade or inverter replacement.

Having trouble with your solar panels?

It’s hard to believe that some solar panel systems are now over 15 or 20 years old.

Whilst the solar panels typically have a longer warranty period, old solar panel inverters often need replacement after 10 years. If your inverter has an error code or if your solar panels aren’t really working like they used to be, it might be time for an inverter replacement or some maintenance to your solar panel system.

As energy efficiency and solar panel experts, we’ll get your solar panel inverter up and running again.

Benefits of upgrading or replacing your solar panel inverter

A faulty or old solar panel inverter could be the reason your solar panels aren’t working like they used to.  In many cases, it’s simply time to replace your inverter for a new model after the working life of the older model.

Improve Performance

Replacing an old or faulty inverter can improve the performance of your solar panel system.

More Efficient

New solar inverter technology can actually increase the efficiency of a solar panel system.

Battery Ready Inverters

With a battery ready inverter, you can add battery storage to your solar panel system and store excess power for use at night or during cloudy periods.

About our Solar Panel inverters


Solar Panel Inverters - Fronius & GoodWe

Solar inverters convert solar energy to the right voltage for use in your lights and power around the home. They also help you sell excess solar power back in to the grid when you have an excess. Additionally we have battery ready inverters available, which can be connected to solar battery storage allowing you to save excess power for use at night or when the sun isn’t shining.

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