Under Tile Heating


Under tile heating from EGS provides a 100% waterproof heating system for any wet room in the house, such as bathrooms, laundries, kitchens and living areas. Due to its slim and discreet design, it can provide on-demand heating within 30 minutes.


Underfloor heating tiles are custom designed and installed for your individual areas, generating an even heat throughout the entire surface of the floor with no hot or cold spots.

By keeping your bathroom and laundry areas dry, under tile heating reduces the build up of mould. Under tile heating is an effective and energy efficient way to heat your home, and as such, has grown extremely popular.

Under tile heating is very versatile, suitable for both new builds and existing homes. It can be installed in variously sized rooms, from ensuites to living rooms. The discrete design of under tile heating also makes it the perfect solution to providing warmth and comfort without having even the slightest idea that is it there.

A wall to wall self levelling screed is applied to installations (optional), adding only 3 mm to the floor level, limiting the risk of damage to the heating element and negating extra tiling costs. Unlike some other forms of heating, underfloor heating is ideal for sufferers of allergies and asthma.

Elements are installed directly underneath the tile, electrically warming the surface of the floor. The elements can be installed under ceramic tiles, marble, granite and slate floors.

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Under Tile Heating 1 (Low Running Costs)

Low Running Costs

Our electric under tile heating will only require little electricity to run. This means very low added costs to your bill for you to keep them on.

Thermo Stat Controlled

Thermo Stat Controlled

Your temperature is always consistent. You have the control over what temperature will be best for you in order to get you that cozy feeling you prefer.

Extremely Safe & RCD Protected

Extremely Safe & RCD Protected

You have no fear of getting electric shocks due to our RCD protection. With our professional installers, you have 0% chance of risk.

No Maintenance

No Maintenance

Say goodbye to products that require a team to come in from time to time. With our under tile heaters, there is no need to call for a maintenance check.

The underfloor ducted heating system with four floor outlets is powered by a single inverter heat pump that we can't hear when it's operating and the floor ducts mean that no space is taken up by wall mounted or floor mounted units leaving more space to place or fit furniture. The performance is tops. The engineer who fitted the system was very informative and easy to work with as were the organising staff. Why wouldn't you get one!
Approximate cost: $Under $9000.00

- alanm13 in Brighton TAS

I had a gas hot water system installed by Luke and he was just great. Excellent job and very happy with it

- janett118

Professional assessment and competitive quote. Supply and service of a high quality Daikin heat pump. Quick and efficient installation by very good installers. Highly recommended.
Approximate cost: $3900

- kerryt482

We had a couple of great dealings with EGS. First a reverse cycle A/C and panel heater followed by a Sanden HWS. Great to deal with and the installers were brilliant as well. Highly recommended.

- wazzaa326

Prompt, professional, and pleasant and informative. Efficient and sensible workmen. Promptly returned to fine tune unit
Approximate cost: $14000

- 7208c0e1

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