Flued Gas Space Heaters

Flued gas space heaters are the safest and healthiest option for heating a home.



Flued gas space heaters have a flue pipe that directs combustion gases out of your home. Regular, unflued heaters emit some combustion gases indoors. Due to the more complex nature of flued heaters, they may cost more because of the extra flue hardware and installation required but it is money well invested. As a result, there are no emissions in your home.

Flued gas space heaters are best for families with very young, unborn, or the elderly. Individuals with some medical conditions may be more sensitive to the emissions so a flued gas heater is the best and most comfortable heating solution.

Rinnai flued gas space heaters combine cosy radiant warmth with superior quality and reliability. Choose from the stylish 2001 and Spectrum models, or the powerful and advanced Ultima II.

Benefits of Flued Gas Space Heaters

Flued Gas Space Heaters (Portability)


If a room has a gas bayonet connection, you can easily move the heaters around since it only needs to be connected. This allows easier heating in case you need additional heating on a room.

Flued Gas Space Heaters (Huge Savings When Moving)

Huge Savings When Moving

Since flued space heaters are portable, you can save up by not needing to buy a heating system on your new house. You simply have to disconnect the flued gas heater from the old house and it's now on its way to its new home.

Flued Gas Space Heaters (Zero to Minimal Installation Costs)

Zero to Minimal Installation Costs

If a house already has bayonet fittings, you can simply attach the heaters yourself. In case you do not have those yet, the cost to install fittings are very modest.

Flued Gas Space Heaters (Lower Running Costs)

Lower Running Costs

The monthly costs associated to running flued gas space heaters are lower. In most cases, it is often misunderstood as more costly but that is only because of the installation costs upfront. If your house already has the connection, you definitely save a lot of money.


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