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Electric floor heating is a versatile heating source used throughout Australia which achieves indoor climate control of your choice of thermal comfort. Whether you want to keep the chill off the tiles, or warm your whole house, an electric floor heating system is perfect for you.

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Our wide range of electric floor heating is designed to enrich the comforts of your home all the while being economical and easy to use. Electric floor heating dates back to the Neoglacial period, where they used smoke and heat to warm a large surface, and while technology has changed, the concept remains the same.

Heating a large area at a mild temperature produces the most comfortable form of heating possible. The floor below stores heat and acts as a huge heating panel warming your floors where needed. Electric floor heating systems are very simple; with heating cables fitted into position that cover the entire space of floor that requires heating. As there are no heating units visible in a floor heating system, electric underfloor heating is maintenance free for the life of the building. Forget conventional heaters that waste energy and money. We offer the best, environmentally friendly floor heating systems in Tasmania. Heat your floor for a cosier, more energy efficient house.

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Features of Electric Floor Heaters

Quick Heating

Quick Heating

Since electric floor heaters rely on wires producing heat underneath your floors, you will quickly feel the desired warmth for the room.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

Traditional heaters or radiators would need a higher electrical output in order to warm the whole room. Since electric floor heaters are spaced out throughout the floor, they exert electrical output to achieve the desired temperature.

Less Upfront Costs

Less Upfront Costs

This heating system generally cost less than traditional heating systems. You get additional savings too on installation fees  if the planned installation is being done on a new house.

Avoid The Clutter

Avoid The Clutter

They are installed underneath the floors eliminating any clutter for family members and guests. Unlike other heaters that take up space on the floor or on the ceiling, you are free to roam around without having to worry about devices or appliances.

The underfloor ducted heating system with four floor outlets is powered by a single inverter heat pump that we can't hear when it's operating and the floor ducts mean that no space is taken up by wall mounted or floor mounted units leaving more space to place or fit furniture. The performance is tops. The engineer who fitted the system was very informative and easy to work with as were the organising staff. Why wouldn't you get one!
Approximate cost: $Under $9000.00

- alanm13 in Brighton TAS

I had a gas hot water system installed by Luke and he was just great. Excellent job and very happy with it

- janett118

Professional assessment and competitive quote. Supply and service of a high quality Daikin heat pump. Quick and efficient installation by very good installers. Highly recommended.
Approximate cost: $3900

- kerryt482

We had a couple of great dealings with EGS. First a reverse cycle A/C and panel heater followed by a Sanden HWS. Great to deal with and the installers were brilliant as well. Highly recommended.

- wazzaa326

Prompt, professional, and pleasant and informative. Efficient and sensible workmen. Promptly returned to fine tune unit
Approximate cost: $14000

- 7208c0e1

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