Electric Ceiling Heaters

We think about under floor heating and we think about wall heating but we don't think about what's above us! Electric ceiling heaters are the most neglected heating systems but one of the most effective.



Hot air rises, so if you don't have radiant ceiling heat, all your hot air disappears through the ceiling and out the roof. Electric ceiling heaters contain the heat so it can't escape from where it's meant to be.

Ceiling bathroom heaters are common in Tasmania but ceiling heaters can be used in a variety of situations. Whether it’s ceiling bathroom heaters, commercial ceiling heaters or ceiling heaters for the outdoors, they're always reliable and incredibly easy to install.

Electric Ceiling heaters are an affordable, once in a lifetime investment. With room to room controls, it maximises efficient energy use and is aesthetically pleasing with no visible heater.

Ceiling heating consists of low temperature heating elements in varying sizes which are installed in the ceiling underneath the insulation. Once installed, a ceiling bathroom heater or commercial ceiling heater is always able to provide a high level of comfort, with precise temperature control.

With low running costs and low installation costs, what more could you need? There is no better place to get your ceiling heating sorted than with EGS.

If you’re uncertain about which option is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To arrange a quote or simply chat to one of our professionals, call us today on 62110444.


Electric Ceiling Radiant Heating 1 (Noise Free)

Noise Free

The panels operate without the use of moving parts such as fans and blowers. This allows virtually zero noise emitted when used.

Electric Ceiling Radiant Heating 2 (Minimal Maintenance)

Minimal Maintenance

With no need to replace filters, ducts and flues, you will have minimal maintenance costs. This also saves you time from not having to call the maintenance team.

Electric Ceiling Radiant Heating 3 (Affordable Installation Costs)

Affordable Installation Costs

Installing the panels for this system is easier. The installation cost per square foot is more affordable as well compared with the usual air heating system.

Electric Ceiling Radiant Heating 4 (Option To Zone)

Option To Zone

You have the option to install radiant heating on specific rooms only. This allows you to customize depending on your household's needs.

The underfloor ducted heating system with four floor outlets is powered by a single inverter heat pump that we can't hear when it's operating and the floor ducts mean that no space is taken up by wall mounted or floor mounted units leaving more space to place or fit furniture. The performance is tops. The engineer who fitted the system was very informative and easy to work with as were the organising staff. Why wouldn't you get one!
Approximate cost: $Under $9000.00

- alanm13 in Brighton TAS

I had a gas hot water system installed by Luke and he was just great. Excellent job and very happy with it

- janett118

Professional assessment and competitive quote. Supply and service of a high quality Daikin heat pump. Quick and efficient installation by very good installers. Highly recommended.
Approximate cost: $3900

- kerryt482

We had a couple of great dealings with EGS. First a reverse cycle A/C and panel heater followed by a Sanden HWS. Great to deal with and the installers were brilliant as well. Highly recommended.

- wazzaa326

Prompt, professional, and pleasant and informative. Efficient and sensible workmen. Promptly returned to fine tune unit
Approximate cost: $14000

- 7208c0e1

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