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Heat Pumps

Available in a range of different sizes, split system heat pumps provide smart, energy efficient heating and cooling for any size room.

Why choose an Electric Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are the most popular heating solution in Tasmania. If you’re from the mainland, they’re also known as split system air conditioners.

Heat pumps are available in a range of different sizes, which makes them suitable for heating (and cooling) rooms of all different sizes. You can even install multiple units to heat the different rooms or the whole house.

They’re also very energy efficient, saving you approximately 30% on electricity bills compared to other options.

It’s easy to see why they’re both a sustainable and affordable choice for the majority of Tasmanians.

Benefits of a Heat Pump in your home

Electric Heat Pumps are also sometimes known as split system air conditioners. Due to their size, affordability and energy efficiency, they’re a great choice for any home or business.

Energy Efficient

It's hard to find heating (or cooling) that uses less power, saving on your energy costs.

Very Affordable

You'll be surprised just how affordable it is for us to supply and install your heat pump.

Instant Heat

Heat pumps are very fast to start pumping air into your home and creating the ideal temperature.

Wifi Capable

Control your heating and cooling via a mobile app that's connected to your heat pump.

Air Purification

With advanced filters, your heat pump will trap dust and allergens, improving indoor air quality.

Fast Installation

It doesn't take long to supply and install a new heat pump at your place, with units in stock now.

Our best selling Heat Pump brands



Daikin split systems heat pumps are ideal for air conditioning one room or a specific area of a home. A wide variety of models are offered to suit your requirements and are available in either wall mounted or floor standing type.

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Whether you’re in need of a single room air conditioner, such as a wall mounted heat pump for your bedroom, or looking for a whole home air conditioner system for your entire house, Fujitsu has an air conditioning solution to meet your needs.

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More about EGS

We don’t just offer the best heat pumps in Tasmania, we offer a range of products and services that will save you money and provide your family with a comfortable home.

From the intelligent ducted heating and reverse cycle air conditioning to heat pump hot water and solar panel systems we can help with a wide range of energy efficient products.

See what other people are saying about our heat pump installations by reading our testimonials and discover how we save money on your energy costs whilst ensuring you can continue to live in comfort.

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