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Flued Gas Space Heaters

Flued gas space heaters are a safe and healthy option for heating a home, with instant heat and a cosy vibe.

Why choose Flued Gas Space Heaters?

Flued gas space heaters create cosy radiant warmth at the touch of a button with that lovely glow or fireplace look.

Designed to be fitted into an existing fireplace, they’re an ideal way to warm living areas while creating an attractive feature for your home.  They’re also quite energy efficient, as they use regenerative heat technology to reduce operating costs.

Benefits of Flued Gas Space Heaters in your home

Flued gas space hearts are one of the most energy efficient heaters available, and with their instant heat and inbuilt fan system, they’re able to quickly warm up your home.

Low Running Costs

The running cost of flued gas space heaters is quite low due to their excellent energy efficiency. If your house already has a gas connection, this could be a great option for you.

Instant Heat

Flued gas space heaters provide instant heat from the touch of a button, providing a place to warm up when the weather get's cold.

Cosy Warmth

Flued gas space heaters are a great way to upgrade an old fireplace and reduce your reliance on messy wood heating.

What is a Flued Gas Space Heater?

Flued gas space heaters have a flue pipe that directs combustion gases out of your home.

Regular, unflued heaters emit some combustion gases indoors. Due to the more complex nature of flued heaters, they may cost more because of the extra flue hardware and installation required but it is money well invested.

As a result, there are no emissions in your home.

Flued gas space heaters are best for families with very young, unborn, or the elderly.

Individuals with some medical conditions may be more sensitive to the emissions so a flued gas heater is the best and most comfortable heating solution.

Rinnai flued gas space heaters combine cosy radiant warmth with superior quality and reliability. Choose from the stylish 2001 and Spectrum models, or the powerful and advanced Ultima II.

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