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Electric Under Floor Heating

Heat your home with silent, gentle warmth which radiates silently from electric elements installed under the floor.

Why choose Electric Under Floor Heating?

Electric under floor heating is typically installed under tiles or the concrete floor slab. So it’s perfect for a new build or renovation.

Electric elements are installed under the floor creating consistent, radiant heat through your home.

Of course it’s perfect for tiled bathrooms, but also larger living spaces with polished concrete floors or carpeted rooms installed on the concrete foundation slab.

Sitting within the floor, electric underfloor heating is silent; gently heating the thermal mass of your home to create lasting and efficient warmth with that extra feeling of luxury.

Benefits of Electric Under Floor Heating in your home

Electric under floor heating generates an even heat throughout the entire surface of the floor, with no hot or cold spots.  At the same time it is also an effective and energy efficient way to heat your home.

It’s also suitable for any wet areas of the home as it is 100% water proof and by keeping these areas dry, under tile heating reduces the build up of mould.

Energy Efficient

Using minimal electricity to run, under floor heating is an energy efficient way to consistently heat your whole home, running day and night.

Low Allergenic

With electric under floor heating, you're able to remove a reliance on air conditioning; reducing the circulation of dust, allergens and particles in your home which is great for those with allergies.

No Maintenance

Once installed, electric under floor heating requires very little maintenance from year to year, significantly reducing ongoing running costs compared to other systems.

More about EGS

As Electric Under Floor Heating might not be suitable for every home, you can speak to our team and find out the most efficient options for your home.

And please feel free to visit our showroom to explore our complete range of heating solutions for your home.

We also supply and install ducted heating systems and reverse cycle heat pumps that are suitable for properties of all different sizes.  With a focus on energy efficiency and other products that can reduce your ongoing energy cost, we’ll help you save on your power bills.

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