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Electric Hot Water Systems

With instant hot water and a highly insulated tank, electric hot water systems are affordable to run and very affordable to install.

Why choose an Electric Hot Water System?

With the price of gas rising through the roof, many local families are turning to electric hot water systems.

With a highly insulated hot water storage cylinder and very fast heating element, they provide instant hot water at any time of day. By adding smart technology, they can also be set to heat during off-peak energy tariffs helping to minimise electricity costs. 

Available in a range of different sizes, electric hot water systems can be sized to suit any home and hot water needs. With minimal change over costs, they are a great option for a quick hot water system replacement.

Benefits of an Electric Hot Water System

Our Electric Hot Water Systems provide consistent hot water on demand, ensuring you never run out during your daily routines. They are easy to install and maintain, offering a hassle-free solution for your hot water needs.

Energy Efficient

By tapping into more affordable electrical energy, you can save on running costs compared to gas.

Very Affordable

With a very low upfront replacement cost, electric hot water systems are the most affordable option.

Instant Heat

With a highly insulated hot water cylinder, you'll have instant hot water at any time of day.

Smart Technology

Use smart timers to set heating times to take advantage of off peak mains energy.

Our best selling Electric Hot Water Systems



Our hardworking range of Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage Systems are available in various capacities. From our ultra compact 25 litre unit, through to our super sized 400 litre storage cylinder, there’s a hot water tank for all applications. Featuring single or twin element configurations, temperature safety feature and standard sizing for emergency changeovers, Rinnai’s Hot Water Storage tanks are the ideal solution for replacing existing units / new installations with minimal changeover costs.

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The Australian made Thermann Electric Storage hot water systems heat water in an insulated tank by an electric element, like a giant kettle. They’re quick and easy to install and are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs making them an affordable way to get your hot water now.

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