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Electric Car Chargers

Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier or faster than before, with smart and solar compatible EV Chargers.

About our EV Chargers

As more of us switch to electric cars, it’s important to prepare for EV charging at home or the office.

An EV Charger at home provides fast and cost effective charging whilst you’re parked at home and helps you avoid those busy and hard-to-find EV charging stations.

As energy efficiency experts, we specialise in smart EV Chargers that are suitable for all types of electric vehicles and are ready to be installed without expensive modifications to your existing switchboard or power supply.

They’re also compatible with your solar panel system, providing the ability to tap into free solar energy or solar energy stored in a battery.

Benefits of an EV Charger at home

Upgrade your home with an EV charger for fast and convenient electric vehicle charging. These chargers offer quick and reliable power, ensuring your EV is always ready to go. Easy to install and use, they make charging your vehicle at home a hassle-free experience.

Fast Charging

With a variety of speeds and energy saving modes, you'll also have access to fast charging when you need it.

Charge Overnight

Take advantage of off-peak tariffs and smart charging to recharge your electric vehicle overnight at home.

Tap Into Solar

Our EV Chargers are solar compatible, ready to charge your electric car free with the sun's natural energy.

Suit All Models

No matter which make or model of electric car you buy, our EV Chargers are flexible and compatible.

Our best selling Electric Vehicle Charger


Zappi EV Chargers

Ready to charge your electric car like a pro? Get powered up with zappi – the ultimate smart EV charger that stands out from the crowd!

Never settle for a regular EV charger when you can have zappi. Not only can it charge your car quickly and efficiently, but it also makes the most of your solar panels or wind turbine.

With zappi, you can use 100% green energy to power up your EV and comes with a bunch of awesome features that give you total control over your charging experience.

With the myenergi app, you can set timers to take advantage of cheaper electricity rates, use the boost function to speed up your charging, and even monitor all your devices from your phone!

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We also offer a complete range of solar and energy efficient products that will save you money and provide your family with a comfortable home.

From heat pump heating systems and solar panel systems we can help with a wide range of energy efficient products.

See what other people are saying about our heat pump installations by reading our testimonials and discover how we save money on your energy costs whilst ensuring you can continue to live in comfort.

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